The groom was stunned by the bride's pranking when he first saw her on wedding day

By tradition, the groom was placed with his back to the bride, and turning he expected to see the bride in the wedding dress

However, Erin decided to play the groom. She wore gray ragged workouts and a stretched T-shirt with a picture of a kitten for the first meeting with the groom.

The groom was very surprised when he turned around and saw the bride in this form

As soon as he turned around, everyone at once laughed, including the groom himself.

Fortunately, the photographer Molly McEleni managed to photograph the reaction of the groom

“This is the best story of the first meeting of all that I’ve seen!” - she wrote on her Facebook page.

The groom was glad to see the bride and in this form

Anyway, the bride still returned to a more traditional image and was irresistible