Doctors removed from the ass drunk man alive eel

Doctors said that Asian marsh eel wriggled in the body of a man, causing serious obstruction. The eel, which is a delicacy in China, of course was extracted and at the moment the man is recovering in the hospital

Surgeons suggest that the eel was inserted into the anus deliberately, but refused to tell the details so as not to embarrass the patient

To my surprise, this was not the first time when Chinese doctors had to extract eel from the asses (and not only) of their patients

In April this year, live eel was also extracted from the intestines of a 49-year-old man from South China, after he inserted it into his anus in the hope of “curing constipation.”

After this incident, the doctors removed the eel from the ass of a man from Sichuan province of southwestern China

This time eel put a man in the anus friends, who in such an unusual way wanted to make fun of him.

Good friends ..

But the most high-profile case involving a living eel has happened to a 20-year-old primrose “Qi Qi”

During the online broadcast on the site of the streaming video “Tiger”, the girl put on a condom on the eel and used it to decorate, but the slippery beast jumped out of her hands and continued her way into the girl’s body.

The animal was stuck inside the woman and she needed an urgent surgical operation to save her life.

As a result of this incident, the girl herself and 21 others were arrested by the Chinese National Bureau against pornography and banned materials.

Of all these stories, several conclusions can be drawn: first, never try to put an eel in any place, and secondly, how boring we are.